Duncan Wayte

Chief Technical Officer

Duncan has been interested in computing since an early age, from learning how to ‘hack’ games to get more lives (since I’m not a very good gamer), to making them do something almost useful.

After graduating in physics with astrophysics over twenty years ago, he has gained experience across a range of verticals.

These include developing real-time systems within a major mobile network, actuarial works for global asset managers, and database development and administration in performance critical retail data warehouses.

As a founder of Castrum, Duncan has used the knowledge and experience gained to form the basis of the technology used in the Castrum Platform today.

He enjoys a good movie, studying mindfulness, stargazing, mountain biking and rugby union (spectator only sadly). Duncan has been able to take the odd photograph that isn’t too bad and enjoys a nice glass of red now and again.

Duncan's four facts

Tea or Coffee

Tea (green)

Favourite piece of tech

Oculus Rift (give it a few years)

Desert island item

Either a satellite phone or a very large box of matches.

Favourite movie

Blade Runner (final)