Don’t waste time or money on Duty of Care Management

I’m writing this in reference to our experience within the Waste Management sector, but many of the characteristics, challenges and the way Castrum have deployed Simple, Smart and Secure solutions are just as applicable regardless of what industry you’re in.


The Waste Management sector is highly regulated, especially concerning the production, recovery, collection and disposal of waste; controlled by the UK Government Environment Agency under the Duty of Care certification process.

Waste Management companies issue service providers and direct customers with Duty of Care certificates that detail the locations, quantities and materials collected as part of the contractual service. All of which require acceptance and signature to achieve compliance.

Clearly the impact of getting this wrong could mean costly fines, loss of reputation and potential future business – but the day to day costs could be just as significant.

At Castrum we identified that many Waste Management companies were struggling under the burden of this for a number of key reasons:

  • Administering the manual collation of potentially thousands of certificates annually, quarterly and on an ad hoc basis requires significant resource.
  • Often these certificates were issued in paper format with printing and postage costs associated.
  • One reason why this is a manual/paper process stems from unwieldy legacy ERP or operational systems – which are often difficult to integrate to and struggle with presenting information outside the corporate firewall i.e. giving visibility of waste transfer notes to customers and service providers.
  • As each certificate requires approval, Waste Management companies were forced to deploy significant resource to chase and complete sign off; in order to ensure compliance.
  • Beyond this, there’s a legislative requirement to archive and store certificates for a number of years – a pain not only to store, but also to track and dig out old copies for audit.

Castrum now support 3 of the UK’s leading Waste Management companies with their management and provision of Duty of Care and waste transfer notes.

Put simply, Castrum have helped to reduce the overheads and cost involved in the creation, publication and approval of Duty of Care certificates. How?

  • Automated generation and publication of the electronic certificates drastically reduces internal resource and production costs.
  • The secure platform provides a full audit trail for all activity related to the administration of the process.
  • Automatic reminders for outstanding approvals mean that compliance is protected and managed efficiently.
  • Long-term archive and simple, rapid retrieval ensures Waste Management companies can honour their legal responsibilities.
  • Collectively Castrum has helped to support high compliance rates, simpler audit and more engaged customers and partners.
  • Overall Castrum provide a range of solutions to the Waste Management sector, including:
  • Secure compliance portals, with access for service providers and customers with personal account pages and logins.
  • Integration to existing ERP solutions allows information to be exported from legacy systems into the Castrum Platform.
  • Castrum automatically creates branded, electronic Duty of Care certificates which can be accessed via the portal, reviewed, queried and approved.
  • Other documents can also be published where appropriate.

Whether you’re a small or large player within the Waste Management sector; or indeed any organisation struggling with manual processes and the need to collaborate and communicate with people inside or outside your business…then we’d love to hear from you!

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