Ending the paper chase

Find out how automating workflow can help you end the paper chase.

by Alex Major

Nowadays, businesses are faced with mountains of information. Traditionally, most information has been paper based and organisations have been responsible for ensuring their most vital data is secure, well organised and available to those who require it.

Today however, organisations are encouraged to store information digitally, and it’s more important than ever to ensure that all information is readily available and secure for quality control, auditing and compliance purposes at all times.

Effective digital storage and process automation can eliminate this paper chase. Together, they provide support to achieve the required levels of quality and service to compete at the highest level, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


When a workflow is automated, the appropriate employee or stakeholder is made responsible for each step of the process. With these responsibilities also comes expectations to perform a specific action delegated by the manager. These responsibilities drive efficiency as they enable transparency throughout the entire process, allowing for greater control and accountability, Consequently, applying automation to your business will help you identify bottlenecks and provide visibility of which tasks are taking the longest, or at what point a task tends to get delayed most frequently.

Long-term, enriching data within an organisation will help drive productivity, improve accountability and help businesses to continuously improve. Digital solutions are becoming more sophisticated, allowing systems to grow as the business expands. Companies should consider this when implementing any new system to avoid extra costs in the future and to also ensure the solution is solving the issue in question, as well as considering any knock-on effects the implementation is likely to cause to the current business set-up.

Process automation and workflow require extensive planning, but the benefits can certainly outweigh the cost if used correctly. Better service, lower costs, greater productivity, and collaboration are just a few. 

Do you have a manual, paper-based process that is costing your business time and money?  Tell us what process you would like to fix and our highly experienced team will work with you to find a solution. 

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