How technology is transforming the construction sector

Discover how the latest technology trends are revolutionizing the Construction industry.


Think back to the basic phones we all had in the early part of this century, compared with the all-singing, all-dancing smart phones we now carry. With technology moving at such a fast pace, it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve.

This is particularly true for the construction sector, where innovative technology and development is seen as one of the top ten drivers of long-term change for the industry’s future and its training needs.1

A number of future tech trends are already set to shake-up the construction industry. Drones will play an increasingly prominent role.2 They are already emerging as the most effective and safe ways to survey a project site pre/post construction – particularly when it comes to 3D mapping, which can now be achieved without putting employees in hazardous situations.

Cloud-based technology is also making more of an appearance, now that large amounts of data can be stored in the cloud and conveniently accessed anywhere via apps, smartphones, tablets and laptops. 3

Sharing information digitally enables you to improve collaboration between employees, naturally promoting productivity as levels of communication increase. Using technology that can improve the way in which information is captured is not only important, but fundamental in such a fast-paced industry. Companies who recognise the importance of secure data capture and the way that information is shared, have the capability to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Despite the technological advances now available, the construction industry has some way to go. A study conducted by McKinsey & Company reveals that the productivity of the construction industry has dropped slightly in the past twenty years, while the manufacturing sector (known for quickly adopting productivity-enhancing technology) has seen productivity rise.4

Castrum is a digital platform which enables users in disparate locations to collaborate on projects. Whether it’s simply sharing construction drawings with third party businesses or annotating H&S forms, Castrum is an easy to use solution that can help construction businesses build.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how digital technology can transform your organisation – get in touch with the Castrum team today. 

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