Protecting your business data

In the last quarter alone, there has been a 47% increase in data security breaches within the general business sector. According to the Information Commissioner’s Office (IOC), this now represents 10% of all reported cases.*  


The IOC, which investigates these incidents, believes a general surge in cyber-attacks may account for the overall increase in data breaches for this sector so far this year. 

A recent cyber security survey by the government backs this research with statistics showing nearly seven out of 10 attacks on all businesses involved viruses, spyware or malware.**

And with the worst data breach incidents known to cost UK businesses between £1.5m and £3m on average, it’s no surprise the independent commissioner and government are urging companies to better protect themselves.***

The pitfalls of legacy systems

With so many products and new technologies being introduced, finding a solution that’s right for your business isn’t always easy.
Companies that store sensitive data on legacy systems which use old or obsolete data formats often find it difficult to access and process important information. This makes it costly for them to securely extend their remit and reach, particularly outside of the business.
For organisations that are process heavy, managing sensitive customer, personal and financial information securely can be challenging, particularly when they need to collaborate with third parties.
And if information needs to be shared securely outside of your business, it’s critical you control how, where and when stakeholders view it.

Secure storage

The use of cloud-based hosting and storage solutions is increasing. However, many businesses are still concerned about security. Typically, there are questions about where data is stored, how quickly it can be restored, and who to contact to check a backup has worked.
To give you peace of mind, many providers – Castrum included – use only UK-based datacentres with comprehensive security accreditations. For organisations working in the public sector, we’d also recommend you consider providers with a G-Cloud accreditation and N3 network experience (used by the NHS).

How can you protect your business?

Our years of industry experience have shown us that using a platform which has been designed from the ground up to provide comprehensive security protection gives you the best possible advantage in ensuring data security.

To help, we’ve produced a Security Overview data sheet. This covers the platform’s fundamental requirements, such as locking down specified IP addresses, intrusion protection (which includes tamperproof auditing to encrypt every data transaction), data protection tools and core protection measures to enable extensibility while safeguarding the core platform capabilities.

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