Refine or Redefine the Process

Written by Head of Castrum Sales, James Young, he discusses the importance of shaping processes based on user behaviour.


It is indeed a red herring. The answer is, companies should no longer tell the crowd what they want. The crowd must tell the company what they expect and companies needs to ensure they are listening. 

With us all truly immersed in an exciting technological world which brings anything and everything to our fingertips, wrists, palms - and with the latest advancements in VR - our eyes. Businesses must evolve and the technology they deploy needs to be user defined.

There are a number of digital worlds which require us to create a persona in which to exist. Think about it, we have a Twitter personality, LinkedIn, Facebook, gaming etc... We have multiple email accounts, multiple ways of communicating, multiple audiences. So how do businesses manage this shift in behaviour?

Creating processes defined by your users, with the flexibility to mould and adapt them to meet your users ever changing personas is the key.

We shouldn’t limit ourselves to traditional, one world thinking and attempt to pigeon hole our users. By continuing to do this, we lose touch with our audience. I’ve seen many organisations refine a given process but it is a forced path. It is old. It is not fluid and whilst it may benefit the business, does it benefit the stakeholder? So why not re-define the process? The problem with this is people don’t like change, it’s scary and unfamiliar. It is brave yet cavalier.

At Castrum, we’re passionate about redefining processes and shaping them based on user behaviour. The outcome is fast deployment, high user adoption, improved engagement and reduced human error.

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