ALS Deploy Castrum Secure Portal For Recruitment Management

Castrum, the UK’s leading supplier of secure, cloud collaboration solutions, today announced the deployment of a secure Customer Portal for ALS Managed Services.


ALS Managed Services are the leading supplier of temporary workers to the recycling industry. Their innovative approach has won them numerous high profile customers and they are keen to make best use of technology to provide a modern, efficient service.

Castrum and ALS have worked together in order to model ALS’ unique approach to candidate recruitment and management. The result is a secure Customer Portal with the ability to share candidate details alongside other administrative information, such as human resources, finance and training records.

Mark Brooks, CEO at Castrum, stated

“ALS have an extremely forward-thinking approach to the recruitment process and are focused on the specific needs of their customers. Many of these are large organisations with sophisticated requirements. We have worked hard with ALS, configuring the Castrum platform to provide an efficient and simple mechanism for all parties to share and collaborate around confidential information.”

Steve Lanigan, Commercial Manager at ALS, commented

“Castrum have taken the time to visit our offices, meet with our team, listen to our needs and scope out a solution that really works. This phase one deployment will meet our immediate requirements and we look forward to working with Castrum in the future to introduce additional platform functionality for the benefit of customers and candidates alike.”