Castrum & AMS Deploy Solution For Mothercare Store Refurbishment Programme

Castrum, the UK’s leading supplier of secure, cloud collaboration solutions, today announced that Mothercare UK Limited have gone live with a solution to manage and streamline their store refurbishment programme.


Store refurbishment and opening programmes can be challenging. Managing the works and associated schedules can be time-consuming and it is often difficult to maintain a clear and consistent picture of progress. The situation can be exacerbated when the programme is wide-ranging, ambitious and involves mobile workers and third parties.

The solution provided by Castrum and established partner AMS overcomes many of these issues and greatly simplifies the management and reporting elements of any programme.

Flexible, template-driven, projects can be easily varied to cater for store differences, whilst maintaining consistency across common activities. Extensive SLAs flag up issues early on and quickly show the effect on other areas of the business. A secure, cloud environment provides visibility both within and outside of the organisation and supports alerts and notifications based on scheduled activities.

Within Mothercare UK, the solution helps coordinate activity across multiple sites simultaneously and reduces risk by notifying stakeholders of important tasks that may be overdue. It acts as an important facilitator for Mothercare’s established team and processes.

Mark Brooks, CEO at Castrum, stated

“The combination of Castrum’s secure, collaborative platform and AMS expertise in retail project management has allowed us to deploy a flexible solution for Mothercare UK. The initial proof of concept was a success and this has led to a production solution that will continue to evolve as Mothercare’s needs dictate.”

Gary Crotaz, Mothercare UK Director of Strategy & Store Refurbishment, added

”We are finding the simple and intuitive interface to be a significant benefit in terms of gaining stakeholder engagement across the business.”

Mario Antoniou, Managing Director at AMS, commented

“Having worked with Castrum on previous retail projects, we have been able to further integrate technologies and deliver what I believe is a great solution for the customer. We’ve also worked closely with the Mothercare team and this is reflected in a deployment that’s accessible for users.”