Castrum Present at Roc User Group

Castrum, the UK’s leading supplier of secure, cloud collaboration solutions, present at the 2015 Roc User Group, London.


As part of their ongoing technology partnership with Newbury-based Roc Technologies, Castrum were invited to participate in Roc’s 2015 User Group at the prestigious Eight Members Club in London.

Castrum CEO Mark Brooks (pictured left) took centre stage with Nigel Kilpatrick of Roc to provide an overview of Castrum’s secure cloud collaboration platform. The presentation included real-world examples of recent solutions that combined a unique mix of Castrum technologies

  • Information Capture
  • Information Management
  • Information Collaboration
  • Information Processing

Brooks stated:

“Many of Roc’s customers are embarking on transformational projects that require a blend of smart, effective technologies in order to support their vision. The Castrum platform is ideally suited to these environments via its ability to deliver quick wins with minimal outlay and disruption. We look forward to working with Roc as a key partner for many of these organisations.”

For more information about the Castrum Platform and to understand how it can help your organisation achieve its process vision, please contact us