DS Smith

We work closely with DS Smith to automate the generation, publication and approval of duty of care certificates, via a secure compliance portal, in order to meet industry legislative requirements. As a result, the company was able to cut the time it took to perform fundamental administration tasks, which in turn led to savings in time and money.

DS Smith

What the client had to say

Castrum has provided a very simple to use interface so that our circa 6000 users can easily approve certificates in an electronic portal to manage all of our DOC compliance needs. This has significantly reduced administration costs and mitigated risk of fines and non-compliance.

Coleen Smith, Compliance Executive



DS Smith is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, operating across 37 countries and employing around 26,000 people. In order to support the production of corrugated packaging, DS Smith has a recycling business that focuses on the collection of used paper and corrugated cardboard. These materials are then used as the raw material for the Group’s papermaking and packaging production operations. DS Smith Recycling provides integrated recycling and waste management services to some of the best known brands and retailers across the UK and the rest of Europe.

Waste management operations are highly regulated and bound by a legal duty of care (DOC). This legal duty means there is a system of certification for waste production, collection, recovery and disposal. As a result, DS Smith issues its service providers and direct customers with the required DOC certificates, which detail locations, quantities and materials. These certificates require acceptance and signatures to achieve full compliance status.


Management and administration costs were constantly rising due to the increasing quantity of DOC certificates DS Smith needed to produce in order to comply with legislation. There was also an increase in printing, postage and storage/archiving costs for paper certificates, placing a burden on resources. The organisation also wanted an efficient audit tool, stemming from an improved data trail that was more cohesive and accessible.


Castrum recommended a secure compliance portal, enabling services providers and customers’ access to a dedicated account page. This would mean that customers could communicate with the company and access certificates as well as other information relevant to them.

The portal allows information to be exported from DS Smith’s legacy systems, straight into Castrum, which then automatically generates branded, electronic DOC certificates while adhering to strict Environmental Agency regulations. These documents can then be accessed via the portal, reviewed, queried and approved. Not only that, DS Smith can use this tool to publish other key information to its customers, improving communication and enhancing the customer experience.

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Since the deployment of the Castrum compliance portal, DS Smith have been able to reduce the overhead cost involved in the creation, publication and approval process for DOC certificates. The business now benefits from a simple and rapid archive retrieval tool, which provides a full audit trail for all activity related to DOC certificates. Furthermore, the organisation has optimised its ability to engage with customers and partners in order to secure common goals.


  • Automatic reminders for DOC approvals and outstanding work.
  • Reduced costs with more efficient handling processes.
  • Increased engagement with customers and partners.
  • Faultless adherence to legislation.

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