Castrum for financial services

Castrum’s success in the financial services sector is largely down to its versatile collaboration functions, robust confidentiality features and minute-by-minute activity records that aid auditing.

Here are the main benefits of using Castrum in the financial services sector:

Easy-to-share information

Castrum can manipulate information quickly and easily for online presentation to customers, providing them with confidential account-related information via a centralised, highly secure portal that is governed by SLAs. It can also perform electronic approvals with signature. These features improve the customer service experience, leading to greater customer satisfaction. In addition, employees can use the same collaboration software portal to communicate with customers securely around investment opportunities and other projects.  A single location for investment information ensures that all parties receive the same data and have visibility of associated communication, in context, for ease of review and audit. Finally, Castrum allows customers to update their information in a simple, structured and secure manner. After all, if updating information is easy then customers are more likely to do it, and this gives you the opportunity to deliver a more tailored service.

Streamlined internal processes

With Castrum you can centralise and standardise core approval processes, streamlining the task list in order to serve customers quickly and efficiently. This is incredibly important because in today’s online world customers expect a swift service and a slick, user-friendly experience. In particular, Castrum acts to integrate stakeholders from different departments and businesses while also identifying bottlenecks.

Optimised audit capability

With Castrum you can effortlessly capture information from legacy systems, which you can then analyse, extend beyond the organisation’s boundaries, and archive for future review and/or audit. Importantly, this key strength has a positive effect on compliance and was embedded in the Castrum Platform because our team recognised the cost implications of protracted audit processes in today’s financial services sector. As a result, this area of commerce now has a more capable audit tool, providing improved measurability.

For more information on how the Castrum Platform can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team on 01202 835300.