Castrum for Recruitment

Thanks to the Castrum Platform’s information capture and workflow functionality, you can save time on day-to-day recruitment processes, giving you more time to grow your business and expand your operations.

Here are the main benefits of using Castrum in the recruitment sector:

Improved information capture and delivery

By using Castrum you can work more efficiently with your clients at both ends of your service provision. This means you can capture important candidate details like CVs, qualifications, birth certificates, application forms and timesheets before easily relaying them to the employer organisation. Key forms and processes that currently suffer from manual intervention and duplication can be made electronic and secure. After all, using email to communicate internally with colleagues and externally with clients can become confusing, inefficient and increases the risk of a security breach. This is where state-of-the-art collaboration software like Castrum can reduce complexity and simplify the process.

Streamlined workflow

Castrum can be deployed to optimise specific processes by offering a single digital environment where all candidates are presented, along with their details and progress in terms of placement; giving your clients an even greater quality of service. However, this doesn’t have to mean your existing systems become redundant. In fact, Castrum works with your legacy software to import and export key information and data. It also gives you a better chance of ensuring that all details are up-to-date, partly thanks to candidates being able to add to their records through an interactive portal. This broad functionality, which keeps all interested parties in the loop, represents a key business asset.

Failsafe compliance

With data protection and equality and diversity ranking as key business priorities, you need to know that you are getting it right 100% of the time. With Castrum you can be confident you are hitting the mark consistently across all your operations thanks to the platform’s ability to flag anomalies prior to them developing into larger problems. Secure archiving and storage of information will also aid you in meeting legal obligations.

Other uses

Castrum represents a tool to assist with the back end administration process for placing candidates with clients. Integrating with existing systems, Castrum can pull out relevant data on a candidate and then allow the operations/administration teams to run a range of controlled processes. This ensures the administration of the candidate placement goes smoothly, both before and after interview – such as candidate vetting, for example. Furthermore, the platform’s management dashboard identifies bottlenecks and SLAs to ensure steps are not missed. It also allows you to manage the placement of more candidates with fewer administrative staff. In addition, information can be presented to other internal and external users. This means you and your colleagues can easily view the status of candidates during the vetting and placement processes. Plus, it means your clients can browse candidate information both pre and post interview. Finally, Castrum can be deployed to help HR teams manage a talent pool of contracted and non-contracted associates.

For more information on how the Castrum Platform can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team on 01202 835300.