Castrum for retail processes

Our process platform enables retail organisations like yours to improve existing processes, as well as achieve greater efficiency and customer engagement.

In the retail sector Castrum deployments for business process management are typically targeted at process improvement. That’s because our collaborative software solutions can greatly improve standardisation, efficiency, visibility, feedback and audit of many processes within retail organisations. End results include cost savings, better team communications, simpler compliance and ultimately enhanced customer engagement.

Here are the main benefits of using Castrum in the retail sector:

Ease of deployment and legacy systems integration

Castrum offers fast deployment with minimal disruption to your business. Users require little or no training, ensuring user adoption is quick and simple. Furthermore, there is a range of options to help you integrate with your existing systems, enabling you to effortlessly manage disparate processes, all within one modern information management platform.

Process standardisation

Most processes require information to be provided upfront. Castrum addresses this need via smart, electronic forms that gather the required information, using validation and rules to ensure that the process starts with everything it needs. Processes that start with valid inputs usually proceed more smoothly and require fewer ‘returns’ for additional information. A shorter end-to-end process increases business efficiency and results in happy users, making it an ideal project management tool.

Visibility for managers

Visibility of live and completed processes is missing in many retail environments, primarily due to the lack of clear, standardised process management. With Castrum, organisations have a clear picture of every process within the business. Dashboards show total elapsed time and allow users to focus on individual stages for bottleneck analysis. It’s even possible to see which departments are making most use of which processes. Furthermore, applying Service Level Agreements (SLAs) helps identify areas that might not be compliant or simply need improvement to meet customer expectations.

Visibility for users

It is always beneficial for process users to have visibility of their requests. Automatic updates notify users of process stage, department, owner and expected timeframe, giving users added confidence. It also greatly reduces the need to ‘chase’ for updates. Collaboration via discussions keeps everybody in the loop and prevents endless email trails and voicemail ‘ping-pong’. Ultimately, fewer distractions for process users means they can focus on business priorities.

Tamperproof record

Fully audited processes make compliance a breeze. As a process progresses through its lifecycle Castrum maintains a tamperproof audit containing the original inputs together with all additional information captured along the way, including the full content of user discussions. Everything is stored together in context, to make future search and retrieval quick and easy.

To find out how the Castrum Platform has helped Retail Week magazine’s Retailer of the Year 2016, Dixons Carphone Group PLC, please read our case study below.

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Dixons Carphone

Retail Magazine’s Retailer of the Year 2016 winner, Dixons Carphone PLC, uses Castrum to streamline retail processes and improve collaboration. In particular, Castrum’s role is to standardise, centralise and streamline operational processes across the organisation, providing real-time feedback to colleagues and partners. This investment in process management was particularly advantageous due to the merger between Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse Group.

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