Castrum for Waste Management

Castrum is a proven asset for waste management organisations that wish to reduce the cost burden of compliance and administration while also improving communications with customers and partners.

In the waste management and recycling sector Castrum deployments are frequently adopted in order to meet regulatory requirements and streamline communications with customers and partners. This is aided in particular by its simple, easy-to-use interface. As you will know, the waste management sector is highly regulated and involves strict adherence to a legal duty of care, which can present a number of complex information challenges. Our solutions automate the required processes, reducing both the administrative burden and the associated costs.

Here are the main benefits of using Castrum’s collaborative software as an information management tool in the waste management sector:


The Castrum Platform can plug a variety of process gaps or areas of inefficiency. This ranges from health & safety reports, capturing accident details and damage to plant machinery using tablets and flexible forms, right through to the secure storage, archive and simple retrieval of compliance documents and certificates.

Duty of care certificate generation

Castrum automatically generates electronic duty of care certificates for customers and partners based on information provided by the organisation’s existing ERP system. These certificates contain a themed cover page, configurable legal wording and a full transaction grid with details of every waste movement. Integration with existing systems is possible via a range of technologies from simple CSV file import to REST API.

Certificate publication

A built-in draft staging feature enables spot-checking of certificate information prior to publication, preventing errors and satisfying Environment Agency rules. This may be used as part of an internal audit process if required. Publication itself occurs through a simple compliance portal. Through this customers and partners are automatically invited to login and access their new and historical certificates. These parties can view these online and send queries directly to the waste management organisation if any of the information appears incorrect. All information published within the compliance portal is subject to Castrum’s tamperproof audit and is retained for an appropriate time period to satisfy applicable legislation. This includes the ability to review the content, publication or query, as well as the approval process specific to any generated certificate. As a result, subsequent audit becomes more straightforward.

Other uses

The benefits of Castrum for business process management are not confined to compliance, it can also be applied to generic processes. For example, newsletters or revised terms and conditions, or specific things like invoices. Electronic forms can also be used to capture information from customers and partners before feeding it back into other internal systems.

To find out more about how the Castrum Platform can improve process efficiency in the waste management sector, please contact a member of the team on 01202 835300.

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